Why Company Gyms are Great for Business

Why Company Gyms are Great for Business

Does your company have its own onsite gym? What? Did we hear no? Believe it or not, having an on-site corporate gym has a surprising number of great benefits. It’s great for employee retention and morale, and having amenities like a gym can help you attract and retain top tier talent. At Spirit Fitness UK, we provide commercial gym planning services to help your company create a great onsite health and wellness facility with all the equipment, your staff needs to stay active and healthy.

Great Amenities Improve Talent Retention

In some ways, today’s economic climate is an “employer’s market.” But for jobs in high demand, it can be competitive on your end of things. In the past, people generally worked for the same company for over a decade, sometimes for their entire lives. But today, “job hopping” has quickly become the norm. If you don’t give your employees a good reason to feel some kind of loyalty toward your company, then why should they stick around?

Recruitment and retention are some of the biggest reasons for incorporating a company gym into your office facilities and making it a part of employee benefits package. People always appreciate these kinds of extra amenities, especially in workplace environments where long hours are the norm. If more than one company need people for the same specialized, high-demand job position, having something extra like an onsite gym can give you a serious competitive edge.

A good example of this phenomenon is Google, known for their great onsite amenities, including gym facilities. By adding extra perks that make their offices a great place to work, they’ve succeeded in attracting and retaining world-class talent.


A Company Gym Can Also Contribute to Lower Healthcare Costs

Along with improving your employee retention, an onsite gym facility can also help contribute to lower overall healthcare costs. If you’re like many midsize to large companies, you offer some form of health insurance coverage to your employees. The more health problems people develop, the more expensive this becomes.

It’s well known that excessive sedentism is a big contributor to heart disease and other problems that lead to higher healthcare costs and a decreased lifespan. Inactive people are twice as likely to suffer from heart attacks, hypertension, and other cardiovascular issues. Colon cancer risk is also elevated by low activity levels. These problems qualify as what you might call “preventable illness,” which according to the Wellness Council of America, makes up around 70% of all illnesses in the United States and their associated healthcare costs.

Offering an onsite gym makes it more convenient for your employees to exercise on a regular basis, which reduces their risk of costly health problems. This is a very long-term benefit, but it really can pay off. Wellness services like an onsite gym can be offered free, or very inexpensively (along the lines of $10-20 per month), making it more cost-effective and convenient for your employees than joining an independent gym.


Need Help Planning your Onsite Gym?

At Spirit Fitness UK, our commercial gym planning services can help you plan and build a fantastic onsite gym facility. We offer straightforward planning assistance, help with installation advice and warranty information, and great discounts for bulk purchases. To find out more, contact us any time to get started with building your employees’ dream gym.