How You Can Use Your Treadmill to Train for Hiking

How You Can Use Your Treadmill to Train for Hiking

It’s winter right now, and the weather can be awfully temperamental. When it’s frigidly cold and snow is falling, you can’t always get outside to go for a run. That’s where at-home treadmills come in. They’re a great way to make sure you get the workout you want when the weather outside is a definite no-go -- without the inconvenience and lack of privacy of going to a gym to use a treadmill.

Why Invest in a Home Treadmill?

At-home treadmills can be surprisingly affordable. Prices run the gamut from less than £100 for a used basic model, to thousands for a top-of-the-line model with tons of features. At Xterra Fitness, our treadmills are specifically designed for people that use them to train for outdoor hiking and cross-country running, but if you’re just starting out, almost any old treadmill can help -- especially if it has an adjustable incline feature.

There are a number of great reasons to consider investing in a home treadmill as part of your fitness routine.

  • Convenience and privacy. Going to a crowded gym every day isn’t for everyone. With your own home treadmill (or a full home gym), you can save on gym dues while getting exercise in the privacy of your own home.
  • Workout anytime, no matter what the weather’s like outside. Walking or running outdoors is a great experience, but when it’s pouring rain, it’s snowing, or it’s just plain hot outside, an indoor treadmill is the perfect respite from unpleasant weather.
  • Great features. Treadmills range from bare-bones to deluxe, and you can find treadmills with tons of great extra features.
  • Less stress and strain on your joints. Running and even hiking can potentially be bad for your joints, especially your knees. A good, high-quality treadmill can reduce joint stress during your workouts, preventing injuries that could present a serious setback to your fitness regimen.
  • Quantifiability. A good treadmill can measure your heart rate, pulse, and other data. You’ll also know exactly how fast you’re running or hiking, how many calories you’re probably burning, and other information that you have to estimate if you’re walking or running outside.

What Kind of Treadmill Do You Need to Train for Hiking?

To train for outdoor hiking, you probably want a treadmill with an adjustable incline feature, to help you get used to walking or jogging up different elevations. We recommend any of our TrailRacer series of treadmills for training yourself for an upcoming high-intensity hiking trip. Equipped with a substantially sized walking and running surface, adjustable incline, and extra features like heart rate monitors and a backlit LCD display, they’re a great all-around treadmill to train for outdoor hiking and running.

Get Started with Your Training Today

Ready to start training for an epic hiking adventure? At Xterra Fitness, we offer a range of awesome, high quality treadmills specifically designed for people who are training for hiking and other outdoor fitness activities. Need help selecting the right model for you? Call us any time for information and advice from our experts.