The Principles of Good Nutrition

The Principles of Good Nutrition

In this article we will talk you through the principles of good nutrition. If you start applying these principles to your day to day routine you WILL start to see noticeable changes in your:

  • body shape
  • energy levels
  • fitness

Firstly though, there is a simple step to take ......... throw out your diet books!

They fill the shelves of bookshops and the homes of those seeking a healthier lifestyle. But think about it - if one held a real solution there would be no need for thousands of new books to be published every year! Ask yourself a question: Who do you know who has followed one of these fat loss, quick fix programmes and has enjoyed long term success and a healthier lifestyle?

The reason these endless fads don't work is simple. While they may lead to short-term weight loss, they seldom work in achieving permanent long lasting health improvements.

It is relatively simple to tell people to lose weight by doing X, Y and Z for a given period of time, but what happens afterwards? What happens when you hit a plateau or a sticking point you simply can't get past?

Can you really live the rest of your life following X, Y and Z? Of course not! The consequences are depressing, costly and lead to unhealthy yo-yo dieting.

Our aim is education on all round health and not just losing weight. If you exercise properly and eat sensibly, weight loss will follow. It really is that simple!

What is 'good nutrition'?
Ask ten people and you will get ten different answers. But all great nutrition plans must accomplish three areas at the same time. They must:

  • Improve your body composition - you want to lose fat, gain muscle, see your abs and, let's be honest, feel better about yourself naked in the mirror!
  • Improve your health - whether its health issues you're trying to improve or you have a clean bill of health, your nutrition plan should improve your health and keep it in tip-top condition for a long time. From reducing cholesterol or risks of diabetes to reducing risk of coronary heart disease. To decreasing your body fat percentage to increasing your lean body mass.
  • Improve your performance - it doesn't matter if you just want to walk a little further or go for gold! A great nutritional plan will help you make significant improvements