The First Three Steps To Getting Your Summer Beach Body… Now

The First Three Steps To Getting Your Summer Beach Body… Now

The countdown is on to your summer holiday. How long have you got: 8 weeks, 12 weeks? Make these the first three steps you take towards your best ever beach body.


Set a fitness goal with visible reminders

The most successful weight loss, body recomposition or fitness goals have a definite date attached to them. So getting in shape for your Summer holiday is actually a brilliant way to get motivated and stay on track.

Make your goal concrete (book the holiday!), and visible (put the date in your calendar, set a countdown app on your phone, or stick reminders on your bathroom mirror or fridge door). Research shows that we stay connected to our goals when we have daily visual reminders of them.

Want to go one step further? Keep yourself accountable by declaring your goals to someone else. So how about telling someone else in your holiday party exactly how much weight, size or measurements you want to change by the time your holiday arrives?

Small daily habit changes for your beach body

Huge plans and big goals are great, but it's the little habit changes (done consistently) which will actually get you there. So rather than saying you're going to completely cut out sweets, or get up every day to go running, make your daily habit changes smaller and more realistic.

You could: aim to drink 2 litres of water every day, go for a 45 minute walk every single day, exercise twice a week, and stop snacking after dinner.

Not only will smaller habits be easier to implement and less overwhelming, but you'll be more likely to actually do them all. And the sense of achievement you get will allow you to build a positive spiral.

Track, measure and assess your progress

We're always the last ones to see physical progress in ourselves (and usually the last ones to congratulate ourselves!) So make your progress undeniable by recording it.

You could: take weekly progress photos in your swimwear, use a tracking app to record your food, keep a journal to write down good habits, or tick off successful days on your calendar.

Tracking your weight, measurements, visual changes, habits and lifestyle improvements will give you something to look back on so you can congratulate yourself for a job well done.

Goal setting, small habit changes and tracking your progress.... did our tips surprise you? Were you expecting diet advice, workouts, or strict rules to get you to your beach body goal in time for your holiday? Stay tuned as we drill down further into the lifestyle, nutrition and activity ideas lean people use to get in shape for Summer.


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