The 5 toughest trail races in the UK

The 5 toughest trail races in the UK

We know running a marathon is hard on its own, but honestly, every other guy at the office has already run a few and it's getting kind of boring... But, have you heard of trail races?

An ultra distance race or ultramarathon is basically a marathon, but much longer. Usually they start at 50 km. There are two kinds of ultramarathon races, some cover a specified distance and others which are set to an specific time. The most common distances range from 50 to 100 km, but others include 24h races and multiday races, where the format of each race can vary. Many have severe course obstacles, to add difficulty, such as weather, elevations or rugged terrain; since mostly they are on mountain paths.

Here's a list of the toughest trail races in the UK so you can train to join the ultramarathooners:

1. Dragon's Back race

Dragon's Back Race UKSelf acclaimed as the toughest 5-day mountain running race, it won't disappoint any adventurer who aims to run it. This legendary race follows 3000 kilometers with 16,000 meters of ascent through wild, remote and mountainous terrain. Definitely harder than any other cross country race!

There's only been 2 editions of this race, one in 1992 and the second one in 2012; but now the aim is to turn this challenge into a biannual fixture, so get ready to run it!

2. The Spine Race

The Spine Race UKAre you brave enough to fight against the unrelenting British winter? Wild, brutal and savage, this event takes place in mid-winter and follows the entire Pennine Way (431Km), which crosses some of the most beautiful but sometimes difficult tearrains in England. If you want to test yourself and your strength, both mental and physical, you need to join this race.

3. South Downs Way 100

South Downs WayThe most beautiful views of Southern England await you and your trainers for an impressive 100 mile race that will take place on the 10th of June 2017. The sights of picturesque villages, stunning rolling hills, expansive views and ancient forts will enchant you. ¡You won't regret joining it!

4. Ring O' Fire

Ring O' FireSplit over three consecutive stages, this 135 mile race follows the coasline of the island of Anglesey (North Wales) and is considered one of the most extreme ultra marathons in the United Kingdom.
Ring O' Fire runners will face the most extreme variety  of terrain, from sandy beaches to farmer's fields, tidal estuaries to pebbled coves, even sand dunes and forests! Not only the terrain will amaze you, but the fauna as well. You are very likely to encounter porpoises, dolphins and seals swimming around the coastal waters, and run alongside rare choughs or peregrine falcons.
Since the Ring O' Fire is split into three stages, the daily average comes to the trivial average of 45 miles. ¿Are you up for the challenge?

5. The Fellsman

The Fellmans"The callenge of a lifetime" We've saved a big one for last. Covering over 60 miles on open land, it follows a route that's usually forbidden to the public, since it's privately owned land. The use of which is secured only for the weekend by the organisers. This is why it's an extremely tough race, only suited for fit and experienced walkers with good navigational skills.

For any of these trail races you must train thoroughly and for quite some time, so this is why you should invest in a good quality treadmill that will help you achieve your goals and will be of good use when you're getting ready to run these tough trail races.