The 5 fitness machines you need in your hotel

The 5 fitness machines you need in your hotel

We can help you design your hotel, hostel or B&B gym area with the fitness equipment your clients will demand. We'll advise on how to care for them, how to distribute them on however much room is available and also on their features and everything you need to keep in mind.

Why should I install a gym in my hotel?

For a few years, installing fitness machines in hotels has been a rising trend. Whenever people travel, both for business and for pleasure, those who are used to practicing any kind of physical activity in their daily life want to keep up with their routine while away, in order to maintain their gains.

The kind of installation and the available machines will be some of the factors a potential client will consider when choosing your hotel before your competitors. This is why, from New Level UK, we want to show you which are the essential fitness machines you need in your hotel, their features and how to distribute them in however much room you have.

Well eqquiped hotel gym

Even if at first you may only have a small area for your gym's construction, these small dimensions will not be an issue, since 50m2 are already enough to build an outstanding gym that will satisfy your customers' needs.

The most important thing to keep in mind is the distribution of the fitness machines in the area you have available, splitting it into three separate sections: cardio exercises, weights and stretching. Here you have a practical example so you can see firsthand how the result of your gym would look like:

Cardio machines you need in your hotel:

  • Treadmills: these are probably the most sought after machines so it's essential to have at least two of them. In order to supply this requirement, we reccomend the Spirit Fitness CT900. It incorporates touch screen technology in our TFT consoles. TV and web browsing is made possible as users workout on Spirit’s LC models. Many features are also adjustable through owner’s maintenance mode in order to tailor to your customers in light commercial settings
  • Ellipticals: the Spirit Fitness CE900 Elliptical Trainer was specifically engineered for the commercial environment, from its heavy duty steel frame to its durable powder coat paint finish. The design focuses on convenience, comfort, reliability, and aesthetic appeal. This model is very appealing to users that value a smooth stride and a weight bearing workout, without the impact.
  • CyclesThe design of the Spirit Fitness CU900 Upright Bike focuses on convenience, comfort, and durability. This model is very appealing to users that value a smooth ride and extensive data feedback. And if your budget can stretch to two cycles, even better.

Hotel gym with Spirit Fitness equipment

Strength training machines you need in your hotel:

  • Multifunction: a multistation machine is indispensable in order to allow the user to work all their body at once, or simply work one of the muscular groups they chose to exercise. And, at the same time, other customers will be able to work out too. We recommend the Spirit Fitness Link Free Trainer, which offers adjustable dual swivel pulleys to provide limitless free cable exercise patterns and bar extensions in order to allow the user to perform squats, curls, rows etc.
  • Weight benches and dumbbells: the bench range from Spirit Fitness provides both high quality manufacturing and durability for one of the most used elements of any free weights area of a gym.

Hotel gym

Don't forget about the stretching area:

  • It shouldn't be overlooked since it probably is one of the most important steps of any fitness routine. A well equipped stretching area ought to feature: wall bars, a few mats and some exercise balls in order to allow your customers topropperly stretch before and after their routines to avoid any injuries.

We can help you!

If you're still unsure about what your gym hotel should feature, don't hesitate to give us a call! We offer tailored fitnesss packages ¡starting from as low as £3500!

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