The 10 Best Hikes In The World

The 10 Best Hikes In The World

Hiking helps you get in shape at the same time you enjoy the natural surroundings. In the UK we have some remarkable trails, but, ¿which are the best hikes in the world?

1. Inca Trail (Perú)

Inca Trail

The Inca Trail is one of the most popular and beloved routes for worldwide hikers. There are a few different trails to follow, but the most famous one starts at Piscacucho and ends in Machu Picchu. The path is surrounded by tropical rainforests and some breathtaking views of the remains of the well-known citadel from Intipunku’s archaeological site. The Inca Trail is a tiny section of the incan road networks, that at its highest splendor was over 30.000 kilometers long.

2. Crete (Greece)

Crete hikes

Hikers who are looking for a way to mix history, culture and nature will find the perfect paradise in the small island of Crete. One must be careful not to miss some of its most attractive sights, such as the fortified city of Chania.

3. Himalaya (India)

Himalaya best hikesIn northern India, the Himalayas mountain range offers impressive trekking trails with astonishing peaks. The most recommended path is to start at Leh’s city, or to perform the Himachal Pradesh, a 24 day route from Spiti to Ladakh, depending on your trekking experience.

4.Milford Track (New Zealand)

Milford Track
The breathtaking nature that New Zealand holds is put at complete disposal of the hiker in Milford Track. The route, of 53.5 kilometers, starts at Te Anau Lake ( since the Milford Track has no access by car or carpark, hikers require boat transport to the start of the path) and finishes at Milford Sound, a fiord placed in the southeastern part of the South Island of New Zealand.

5. Annapurna (Nepal)

Annapurna best hikesThe Annapurna trail (without forgetting the Everest’s base camp route) is one of the most desired by expert hikers who want to push themselves to the limit and admire some of the highest peaks in the world. The main route is of about 300 kilometers, joint by the Manang Throung-La passage at 5.416 m.

6. Mont Blanc (France)

Mont Blanc best hikesThe Mont Blanc brings us 170 kilometers of hike through the french, swiss and italian alps. Even though it’s a very popular skiing and snowboarding site, only hikers can actually marvel at its breathtaking sights and paths that border valleys, lakes and glaciers that cannot fail to move you.

7. Grand Canyon National Park (EEUU)

Grand Canyon best hikesThe Grand Canyon, in Arizona, is always amongst the most attractive nature sights in the United States. Hikers are able to enjoy both its impressive views and its rafting tours along the Colorado river. This is a sight one mustn’t miss if you’re travelling to Arizona, even if hiking isn’t really your thing. You won't regret it! Nevertheless, if your trip is on the summer season, take lots of water and sunscreen for proper protection and to avoid overheating.

8. Dogon country (Mali)

Dogon CountryOne of the most interesting tribes in Africa live here, the Dogon people. Even though the Bandiagara cliffs are extremely impressive, they are also quite hard if you’re not a hiking expert. That’s why you will find other, more simple paths to follow. If you love trekking, and you want to do one of the most exclusive trails in the world, don’t hesitate and hop on a flight to Mali!

9. Kilimanjaro (Tanzania)

KilimanjaroKilimanjaro National Park and Mount Kilimanjaro will be a delight for any lover of the african continent. This path goes through the sabana until the Kilimanjaro peak, which at 5895 meters is Africa’s highest peak. Even though it’s not a very steep route, one must definitely be careful in order to avoid getting mountain sickness, which is sadly very common, with 77% of hikers who reach the Kilimanjaro summit suffering from it (2005 data).

10. Great Glen Way (UK)

Great Glen WayWe couldn’t leave one of our most beautiful sights out of this list! Last but not least, if there is something Scotland is known for, is its green landscapes and Loch Ness, both of which any hiker will be able to enjoy during this 127 kilometer long distance path. One can walk it in 5-6 days or cycle it through 2-3 days.

There you have it, the 10 best hikes in the world. ¿How many will you cross of your bucket list?