Our visual guide to portion sizes

Sometimes it's hard to weigh food, count calories and frankly, it get boring! When we eat, it's often said we eat with our eyes. So take a look at your plate and think about how it should look.


Food portion sizes for women of proteins, fats, carbs & veg


Food portion sizes for men of protein, fats, carbs & veg


So we know roughly the size but another way of looking at it is the proportions of food we're eating. Again, take a look at your plate - does it look like the pictures? Here's some things to think about - when you sit down to eat, follow this basic checklist:

  • Are you eating slowly enough?
  • Where is the protein dense food?
  • Where are the vegetables?
  • Where are the carbohydrate dense foods?
  • Where are the fats coming from?