Four reasons to get in shape with a home gym this year

Four reasons to get in shape with a home gym this year …

Getting fit can be hard, especially when it involves getting up at 6.30am to squeeze in your new workout plan before you go to work. Finding time for a proper gym workout is the kind of commitment most of us (if we’re being really honest) can’t maintain long term, especially when you start throwing partners, children and pets in to the mix!

But that’s no excuse to give up on your health and fitness goals. Rather than trudging to the local gym each day, why not bring the gym in to your own home? Here are four reasons why the home gym is the way forward:


  1. The weather: It’s not too bad in the summer months but in the middle of winter? That five kilometre run you promised yourself you would do is, in reality, a pitch black, below freezing, flu inducing, miserable slog. It’s not only unpleasant but cold weather puts you at increased risk of muscle injury, slips and falls and of course, the dreaded cold! Investing in a treadmill or elliptical gives you all the benefits of a morning run – in any season - without the harrowing experience of running outside in arctic conditions.


  1. The quality of your workout: If you’re serious about getting fit, understanding your workout is an essential aspect of any programme. Home treadmills, exercise bikes and elliptical machines all offer a variety of programmes designed to help you achieve your fitness goals. You can also programme a unique workout in to the machine as well as using the hand pulse grips or a chest strap to monitor your heart rate. These features allow you to effectively gauge your fitness levels and design a course of workouts that will help you efficiently achieve your health goals.


  1. Working out in a safe space: If you’re just getting started on a new fitness regime, public gyms and exercise classes are intimidating places. Nothing is more likely to dent your confidence than struggling to keep up with seasoned gym goers or constantly making comparisons between yourself and the rest of the gym in those floor to ceiling mirrors! By choosing to equip your spare room or garage with a treadmill or an exercise bike you can focus on your own fitness goals without the distraction and unspoken competition of a gym, while making sure that the quality of your workout is not impaired by lack of equipment. Or if running’s your thing you don’t have to worry about traffic, damaged pavements and other obstacles getting in your way.


  1. Creating opportunities: All of the above work towards your fitness goal. But too many people end up falling off the exercise wagon purely because they don’t have the time or effort to sustain their fitness regime. If you’re serious about working towards a healthier lifestyle, having exercise equipment in your home is the perfect opportunity to create a regular and sustained regime that fundamentally changes your habits and the way you approach keeping fit. Domestic exercise equipment is the tool that gives you the freedom to make a permanent change towards a healthy and well-rounded lifestyle.


So, hopefully these four very good reasons have got you thinking about investing in quality home fitness equipment for a fitter and healthier you.


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