5 reasons to keep fit when you are a... parent

5 reasons to keep fit when you are a... parent

There are plenty of very obvious reasons to keep yourself fit and healthy right the way through your life, it is all very common wisdom, but there are certain times in your life when maintaining your fitness levels suddenly becomes more important, and for a variety of reasons.

Here are 5 reasons why you should make sure you keep your fitness levels up when you are a…


I can vividly recall a specific moment some time ago, when I was in a contemplative mood, reflecting back to about 2 years BC (Before Children) and thinking to myself “what on earth did we used to do with all that TIME?”

It’s a common question asked by new parents everywhere. From the moment we bring life into the world simple concepts we felt we understood such as freedom, responsibility, sleep and time suddenly change in the most bewildering way. Faced with the ultimate time-management challenge, the compromises we suddenly find ourselves making as parents re-define our lives and it isn’t just the frivolities of our social lives that we find ourselves cutting back on, our fitness regimes can be equally at risk. Suddenly we don’t have time to go to the gym any more, we don’t have time to go for a run at our own pace. Finding opportunities to walk is easy enough but our new routines are still incredibly restrictive. Even for people who have historically been used to getting regular exercise, fitness levels are shockingly easy to lose and much harder to improve on.

The problem for parents is that fitness levels can rapidly deteriorate at a time they are needed most. As a Dad of incredibly active twins I can report that yes, twins do run in the family, they run everywhere! And keeping up with them suddenly became a challenge when I realised my fitness levels had dropped just in time for them to discover their hyperdrives.

It isn’t just cardio you need to be mindful of either, when you’re not carrying them you’re carrying all the baggage you suddenly need to make it through the day and by the time they are old enough not to need so much stuff they are a lot heavier and they still want carrying.

Of course the necessity for all this running around and heavy lifting does help, but it lacks the structure of a proper fitness routine and mainly just serves to point out how unfit you have become.

So here are five simple reasons to keep fit when you are a parent.

  1. Children are physically demanding!
  2. Play is a lot more fun when you can keep up with your kids
  3. You will want to set a good example
  4. Exercise gives you a better quality of sleep (when you do finally get some)
  5. Taking exercise together can be a great family activity

But when you have no time, how can you possibly manage this? That’s just one of the benefits of owning your own fitness equipment.