5 benefits of owning your own fitness equipment

5 benefits of owning your own fitness equipment

There are several important benefits of using fitness equipment not always found in traditional exercise such as running, cycling or sports, but what are the benefits of having fitness equipment at home as opposed to going to the gym? Here are a few key reasons why many people are getting more value from their own fitness equipment than their gym memberships.

#1. Privacy

Let’s face it, most of us only start to think about taking out our first gym membership when we realise we are out of shape. Although we possess the resolve to do something about it, our self-confidence can often be pretty low at this time, so low in-fact that the thought of exercising in front of other people can put us off the idea entirely. Being able to exercise effectively without having to share mirrors (not to mention showers!) with what we perceive to be a room full of buff, beautiful, body-confident gym bunnies can make all the difference to our motivation.

#2. Comfort

Speaking of showers, not only is the privacy of our own home a bonus but the comfort can be too! When you exercise at home you can wear what you want, watch what you want on TV, and you have access to your own private bathing, catering and collapsing-in-a-heap facilities. Bliss!

#3. Convenience

Finding the time to go to the gym can be enough of a challenge in itself. By the time you have got home from work, fed the kids, walked the dog, sorted the washing etc. etc. the sofa starts to look very attractive indeed and the idea of getting packed up and ready to go out to the gym is seriously lacking in appeal. When you own your own gym equipment you can jump on it whenever you get a few spare minutes. In-fact intense training in short bursts has been proven to be more effective than less intense exercise over a longer period so that’s no bad thing either.

#4. Motivation

Whether you take out a gym membership or purchase your own machine, you are making an investment in your health and wellbeing. You will want to make the most out of your investment but your machine will be sat there looking at you long after your gym membership has lapsed. Having some equipment physically there in your house can be a lot more motivating than discovering your membership nestled among your credit cards. Your machine is right there in front of you, it’s so much harder to ignore!

#5.”Me Time”

Sometimes it is easy to feel tied down by our responsibilities and when we attempt to strike that all-important balance between finding time for our families, our work and ourselves, it is that rare and fragile “me time” that we usually compromise on. For many of us, training can be a pleasantly solitary experience, a chance to shut ourselves off and to focus. Having your own training machine at hand means you can switch on your MP3 player and treat yourself to a little solitude. In other words, you can escape without leaving the house.